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Girls how about some fashion tips for this winter? Have you already refueled with all the “musts” to be on top?

Among the various proposals of the fashion system for autumn winter 2016/17, we have a few choices, and today we want to offer you our list of must-haves t for this new season:

The leather jacket

(Or simulated leather) is one of the garments designers never seem to get tired off  suggesting every year, and who could blame them? Oh yes, because in the days when you want to feel like a  ‘rebel with style’, nothing is more appropriate than a leather jacket!

The animal print

Yes, sometimes we like to give that “wild feeling” to our outfits, maybe  by  just adding an accessory or  a detail. The most daring attire  is perhaps an animal print maxi coat  which can prepare you to face the urban jungle 😉

The cuissardes

The boots of course, during the winter, are the most popular footwear. The style preferred by fashion designers is high up above the knee and we certainly agree with them!

Total Black?

Yes, the total black is timeless and that has a  slendering effect which immediately  contributes to shaping our silhouette and who does not love that !!?!

Total white

But this winter, also be ready to go total white, since white and cream are definitely present as colors and will give you a monochromatic look. They are also being presented on the catwalks since they immediately convey a magical and chic allure to those who wear them.


Here they are again our beloved capes, both in short and long versions, becoming the perfect alternative to the coat . We simply love them more!

The white shirt

Another timeless classic, you can steal it from your boyfriend’s closet to create a chic style as Audrey Hepburn did in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s “,  or you also have the option of choosing  a fitting model, in any case it can not be missing in your (and our) closets! : D

Translation by F.P.