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Welcooooome! 🙂 It’s true wishes come true, we are finally online.


Hi there!!! We’re here and there are two of us! We’re friends, university mates, and “Adventure and Travel buddies”.

After spending months looking for our hidden courage, we were able to materialize an idea that had been spinning in our minds for a while.

Regardless of the fear that we had (and still have) to present ourselves in front of you all, we are now here and we are proud of it.

We’re not sure yet on how to structure our blog, but something we’re sure of is that on this site you will find all the information, updates and news about the world of fashion including, of course, both useful and practical fashion tips.

Our goal? Is to express our way of thinking about fashion and sharing with you what affects and inspires us the most.

So… please feel free to comment, write, share and, if you want, even… criticize 😉

We can’t wait to hear from you!

Translation by F.P.