One of our blog’s goal is to provide you with useful and practical tips about accentuating your body’s best attributes.

Everyone’s body is different and for each body there are certain things that we can do in order to highlight its strengths and hide those little less flattering areas that are definitely not to be considered defects!


What are we talking about? There is the Image Consultant, a person who, through studies and analysis, is capable of emphasizing each and every detail that they decide to emphasize of our bodies using small measures or maybe even just by accessorizing.

We’re not here for an Image Consultancy lesson, however, it is good to understand that the analysis involves the study of the body’s lines, the horizontal and vertical figures but also life and personal style.

Our first tip will focus on the body’s lines, especially the horizontal figure (chest, waist and hips), for which the image consultants use some geometrical shapes as a reference, since they are easier to recognize: the hourglass figure, the triangle figure, the rectangle, the triangle reversed and, finally the oval figure (or diamond).

The Hourglass Figure is the ideal figure which inspires the rest because it is physically more balanced.

Betty Boop - Hourglass Figure

Betty Boop – Hourglass Figure

Let’s see in detail this figure. This body type is characterized by having a sinuous figure. In fact, both the chest and hips have a similar circumference, while the waist is significantly tighter (narrower). As we mentioned above, this type of body structure is considered the best type because, as it is often said, “it has all the curves in the right place”.

According to this first analysis you can guess how the strength of those who have this body is the waist. This attribute can be enhanced with clothes that follow the body’s softness or with accessories that emphasize it.

What to wear? Very soft clothes that follow the body’s lines. For the top you can choose necklines that focus attention on the breasts (but please do not be vulgar! :D) and it is very recommended to use trench coats tied at the waist. For the bottom, high waist pants would be the top choice, or even “tube skirts” that accentuate the lower back roundness. All must work in order to draw attention to the waist.

What to avoid? Sizes above yours. Do not wear oversized clothes, they would create an unpleasant effect. Having a large chest circumference, you should avoid, for example, ruched shirts, as they will have the effect of filling even more.

These are just a few tips that all those who think have a hourglass body are welcome to take, but don’t miss the next advice on other figures.

Translation by F.P.