What to wear for a Job Interview.

Job interview: what to wear?. How many times, when we meet someone new, we immediately get a positive or negative feeling towards that person? Yes, although lingering on a first superficial evaluation of things or people is wrong, there are many situations in which the first impression we make counts … and a lot!!!

An interview for a job we desire so much, where we only have a handful of minutes to leave a positive image of ourselves, falls into one of those occasions where the initial impact has an important weight.

The outcome of the interview, of course, does not only depend on whether we are dressed appropriately or not, our preparation and the requirements for the job will make a real difference.

In the first few seconds of the meeting, however, if our initial impact is negative, we’re certainly not off to a good start. We need to focus on looking elegant, transmitting security that isn’t overly rigid or extravagant.

We need to feel at ease in the clothes we wear or our discomfort will show and be passed on to our interviewer.

It is important to do a research about the company, getting information on it surely will be helpful during the interview, but will also help us understand the corporate style, the dress code, allowing us to be in line with it.

Yes & No

Generally, presenting ourselves at a job interview always includes a certain formality. So, what to wear to get a good first impression?


YES to:

  • Suits. We can’t go wrong when choosing a suit. A few tips on choosing one: try not to be overly traditional and obvious, preferring perhaps a complete suit with modern cuts will work wonders;
  • Jacket. The Jacket is always good to wear, even during the summer. A nice jacket will provide us with professional look that will surely be appreciated;
  • Medium-length skirts or tube skirts;
  • Bag in line with the rest of the outfit, not small, but not overly large;
  • Heels but not too high, 10 cm (4 inches) would be perfect;
  • Light makeup;
  • Manicured hands with neutral shades of nail polish;
  • Tidy hair;
  • Perfume, yes, but just a drop, the essence could disturb our interviewer;
  • Few and delicate accessories. A necklace with a pendant or a pearl necklace with an elegant refined watch would be ideal;
  • Colors to prefer: dark blue, black, beige, powder, in general the pastel colors are ok.
job interview: what to wear?

Job Interview by desiresinstyle

NO to:

  • Too casual, it is certainly not the right time to show off those ripped jeans we love so much! 😀
  • Miniskirts;
  • Boots;
  • Deep necklines;
  • Heavy makeup;
  • Transparent clothes;
  • Flashy jewelry;
  • Eccentric prints and patterns or with garish colors.

Translation by F.P.