Graduation Day

It’s been some time now, but the memory of our Graduation Day will always be alive!!!

The truth is, even the days before that much awaited moment are unforgettable!

How could they not be?! Remember those months of stress?? Test after test, the thesis, those horrible eye bags, nightmares, and nervous breakdowns?

Graduation day seems never to come, the hours are endless, the minutes seem like hours, in short, it’s the longest wait in the history of mankind!!!

The night before, you can barely get some sleep. The words of tomorrow’s thesis speech swirl endlessly in your mind.

Then that day arrives, and within a few minutes it’s all over, “that was it? That’s what kept me up last night???!”

Finally, graduation has arrived. Years and years of serious studying and hard work, a university life that rapidly approaches soon after receiving the title of “Doctor in…”, all those moments turning quickly into nostalgic memories. Yeah, the arrival of graduation marks the end of an era! 🙂

What to wear

After this sweet trip down memory lane, let’s get back to our main concern for that day, oh, yes, you know exactly what I am referring to, that one classic and timeless question… “What will I wear????!”

A skirt? Pants? A dress??? What to wear on the day of your graduation?

Here are our tips for this extremely important day in the history of our lives:

  • Most important thing to take into consideration: is to avoid excess. To show up on graduation day as if we were to walk the red carpet is totally inappropriate, but arriving in jeans and a T-shirt, with a look that is extremely casual is far worse. The occasion requires a certain special elegance.
  • One option would be to wear a mismatched suit that mixes classic and modern elements (such as classic cut trousers combined with a modern cut jacket), with contrasting colors like a gray jacket over a black pants.
  • The suit (skirt or pants) is always a good choice, perfect for the event. The colors must be sober such as black, gray or blue which we can match with an old pink or light dusty pink blouse.
  • Our choice may also be a dress, with simple lines. We highly discourage wearing a mini dress for the occasion, the dress should be either knee length or just slightly above the knee. The ideal choice would be a tube dress, completing our look, according to our preferences, or with a jacket or cardigan. If our body does not adapt to a tube dress, a slightly flared dress with soft lines, should work for us.
  • To complete the look we can wear a nice pair of décolleté shoes, but again, remember to pay attention to the excesses. A moderate height is ok, but wearing Cubist style queen of the disco shoes, is definitely an antonym of refinement! 😀
  • Sobriety is our guideline also in regards to our jewelry and makeup choice. Do not go overboard with the number of bracelets or rings on your arms and fingers! A string of pearls around the neck or just points of light (such as earrings) are perfect. As for the makeup, we try not to overdo our appearance with dark eye shadow and glitter!!
Graduation Day

Graduation Day by desiresinstyle

Now, you just have to choose!! What are you more focused on? Skirt or pants? Perhaps you have already spotted a dress that you like. Which look are you going to wear that day?

Translation by F.P.