Spring is coming

Ready for Spring? The new season is just around the corner girls! Soon, it will be time again to tidy up our closet and say goodbye for a few months to our favorite warm coats and sweaters. We’re going to have to make room for fresh and light clothing for the upcoming hot season!!!!

trends s/s 2016



But what are the trendy clothes for this spring/summer 2016??

As far as trousers: high waisted cuts; when it comes to skirts: maxi, midi or short version of the main cut is the wheel!

Among the prevailing colors we find: pink (it isn’t by chance rose quartz was declared color of 2016 by Pantone), orange, red, military green, silver and also prints with many colors all together!!

The undisputed stars of the season are  without a doubt the stripes, presented at the Fashion Week catwalks for spring/summer 2016 in a myriad of shapes and colors: horizontal, vertical, oblique, wide, narrow, not only in the classic style white and blue (Breton stripes), but in all colors !!

The period of glory of fringes is still going, this summer they share the stage with another great protagonist: the denim, which returns to the spotlight, not only with the classic jeans, but also with dresses, shirts, skirts and denim accessories.

On the catwalks netting fabrics, ruffles, and transparencies have stood out!!

For the moment, we gave you a general smattering on upcoming trends of the warm season, but do not miss the next post with our must-have list for spring/summer 2016!!!

Translation by F.P.