Invited to a wedding

We are invited to a wedding! After the initial enthusiasm for our friend or relative who is getting married, we begin to ask ourselves: What are we going to wear? What can/can’t we wear, what it is adequate? What are the right colors? … This is when the doubt kicks in !!!

The wedding invitation, that also frequently contains information about the dress code to be taken to the event, could be helpful. If nothing is said about it, do not lose heart and still observe the invitation, there are clues there that might be useful.

Let’s observe:

  1. The manner in which the invitation is written: from this we can understand  what kind of marriage it will be, if informal, classic or fancy.
  2. The date of the wedding shows us the season in which the wedding will take place.
  3. The location chosen by the couple for both the ceremony and for the reception contributes to the choice of our look. The wedding in a church requires more discretion than a civil marriage, as well as the reception in the country does not require the same dress code expected for the reception in the city.

After valuing the information at our disposal, let’s see what are some general  rules of etiquette  provided for attending a wedding.

Wedding in the morning

If the wedding is in the morning our choice will fall on a cocktail dress or a suit with skirt or pants, and we will prefer pastel colors, if the wedding is formal then we can (if we want)  wear a hat, but only in the morning, for evening ceremonies hats are strictly forbidden!

Wedding Dress Code - Wedding in the morning

Wedding In The Morning by desiresinstyle

Wedding in the evening

And if the wedding is in the evening we have two options: a cocktail dress or a long dress, if the ceremony is formal, however, the long dress is obligatory! In this case the choice of the color will be between dark shades.

Wedding Dress Code - Wedding in the evening

Wedding In The Evening by desiresinstyle

Women should also always avoid the total white look, because it is the color of the bride, or total black, associated with funeral events.


As for the shoes, high heels are the ideal solution. But of course, if we are not used to wearing them, we can choose moderate height heels, so that walking 5 meters won’t seem like an impossible task to do!!! Moreover, if we are lucky and we are invited to a chic country style wedding we might not even have to wear them at all! In this case, flats will work wonders!

There was a time when it was unthinkable, according to the rules of etiquette, to show up at a wedding, even during the summer, without wearing sheer stockings, however today this strict rule is outdated, therefore our legs and feet must be perfectly cared for.

Jewels must be in harmony with the rest of our outfit, if our dress is already important, then it’s time to be thrifty with the jewelry, better wear it in small doses.

Watches should never be worn in a wedding reception.

The bag of choice must be small, so don’t even think about taking a shoulder bag!

Remember that we are not going to spend a night at a club with friends, even if the wedding takes place in the evening, so no to sequins and plunging necklines and nets, and a huge NO to miniskirts!!! As far as make-up, we should try to stay sober using opaque (and not glittered) colored eye shadows.


As for the hair, a semi updo, a low ponytail or a side braid/chignon are the winning options.

Wedding Dress Code - hairstyles

Hairstyles di desiresinstyle

Keeping in mind these general rules, the most important thing is (as usual) to wear something that represents our personality and our taste, otherwise we will feel all the time uncomfortable, in the shoes of another!!!

Translation by F.P.