Dress: check! Accessories: check! Hair and makeup: check!

It isn’t a random list, these are the things we have to do in order to try and look perfect on our friends’ wedding day.

The month of May, one of the months dedicated to special ceremonies: weddings, communions and confirmations is about to conclude.

We were invited to a wedding - green location italy

We were invited to a wedding - location Rome.

We have both been invited to two different weddings of friends of ours. Over the initial emotion felt towards them after hearing the news, we felt electrified and excited right from the start over the idea of having to choose the right dress, matching accessories and everything else needed in order to look stylish. Not to mention all the preparations that surround the wedding day.

The choices


We were invited to a wedding - dress detailsWe were invited to a wedding - dress details When choosing our perfect wedding look, our looks coincidentally matched. It seemed as if we had come to an agreement as to both the color of the dress and the color of the accessories. Could it be because we’re friends? 🙂


We were invited to a wedding - accessories.

We were invited to a wedding - accessories .After an exhausting search for the most suitable accessories, which lasted around 3 hours per mall, we found the right bag, jewelry and shoe combination. We both preferred to go with silver and blue, and we must say it was the right choice.

Nails & Hairstyles 

The day finally arrived. We trusted our nails to our good friend, a nail artist who decided to create a sober and groomed nail look.

As far as the hair style, we both went for different options. For some of us ladies with long hair, nice long waves created with a flat iron usually turn out to be a great choice, and for the rest of us with short hair, a simple straight hair created with a flat iron can do wonders.


We were invited to a wedding - make-up

Now let’s talk make-up. How many times have we searched for make-up tutorials, sometimes even looked at that smokey eye video promising us the perfect, easiest to do smokey eyes, and when we finally decided to give it a go, the result was more Panda Eye-ish than smokey?

However, after days spent trying the make-up recommended by some youtuber, we managed to give proper emphasis to our eyes and face. We are brunettes and we have a fairly similar complexion, so we opted for the eye shadow colors that go well with our skin.  Brown was the predominant color, we chose all its shades, from the lightest (to put on the inner part of the eye), to the darkest (for the outside).

** TIP: Always emphasize your skin’s natural color; do not wear makeup with the same colors of your clothing.


We were invited to a wedding - jewelry

As for jewelry, we went different ways, one of us had a sleeveless dress and was therefore able to show off beautiful jewelry to highlight the neckline, the other, having a high-necked dress, inclined more towards not wearing any kind of necklace. As for the bracelet, we opted for a tennis bracelet of silver and swarovski. And for earrings, we wore simple light points.

The final result was simple yet it made the dress look prominent.

We were invited to a wedding - dressWe were invited to a wedding - dress

 We were invited to a wedding - dressWe were invited to a wedding - dress


Translation by F.P.