INACQUA. H2O Molecole di creatività (exhibition at Terme di Diocleziano).

Rome, May 10, 2016, it is a warm and sunny morning and we, Desires In Style’s girls, head towards Aula Ottagonale (Octagonal Hall), former planetarium of Terme di Diocleziano. Here, in fact, from May 4 until June 12, the exhibition “INACQUA – H2O molecules of creativity” is staged curated by Stefano Dominella and Bonizza Giordani Aragno, where water is the absolute protagonist.

INACQUA - H2O. EXhibition at Terme di Diocleziano

Water is not only a primary source of life but also the source of inspiration for these creations.

The instant we cross the front door, our eyes are drawn by the “Queen” (Regina). An imposing sculpture-dress, with a train and crown, made by Enrica Borghi (with plastic bottles), positioned at the center of the Aula Ottagonale (Octagonal Hall).

Famous & emerging designers

We can find placed, all around in a semicircle, the creations of famous designers. Gucci, Giorgio Armani, Krizia, Valentino, Roberto Cavalli, Ermanno Scervino, Gianfranco Ferrè, Max Mara, Laura Biagiotti, just to mention some.

Including space for emerging designers as well: Santo Costanzo, Italo Marseglia, Silvio Betterelli, Gianluca Saitto, Alessandro Consiglio and Tiziano Guardini. The latter, we realized, had used bamboo slivers for his trench coat.

While we observe carefully the works, our hearts leap for Fernanda Gattinoni’s dress in silk crepe “Polipo” (“Octopus”) and our eyes light up in the vision of “Sirena” (“Mermaid”) by Enrico Coveri, with sinuous lines, adherent to the body and all covered with sequins blue and azure.

The dress “Sasso nello stagno” (Stone in the pond) by Romeo Gigli is interesting and creative. Made with net and sequins, which simulates the shape of concentric circles that causes the launch of a stone into the water.


Among the exhibited creations, we then noticed the space dedicated to accessories. There are: bags made with fins, necklaces shaped tap, bathing caps, bracelets, rings, earrings, shoes, water bottles, all related to the water world.

It is impossible to omit, among other footwear displayed in the window, the note “invisible sandal” (“sandalo invisibile”) of Salvatore Ferragamo, which in 1947 earned him the Neiman Marcus Award (Fashion Award).

INACQUA - H2O. EXhibition at Terme di Diocleziano

And then…

In line with the theme, in an area of the Octagonal hall, there are also uniforms of the Italian Navy.

Exhibited in light boxes, photos by Paolo Belletti dedicated to the most famous fountains in Rome and to the movement in the water of the champion of apnea Paola Mauri.

In the room, the immigrants’ tragedy in the sea is also represented with the dress “fuocoammare” created by Guillermo Mariotti for Gattinoni.

In the section dedicated to the cinema and theater there are costumes. Between the various you can find: the Burberry trench coat present in Casablanca and the dress by Piero Tosi, embroidered with sequins, completed with a cape and helmet in plastic. The dress is from the movie Tre passi nel delirio (Spirits of the Dead),  episode Toby Dammit, directed by Fellini.

The “Glass rain” ( Pioggia di vetro) by Ilaria Sadun, creates a charming atmosphere in the environment. The work consists of blown glass droplets that remain suspended in the air as if by magic.

The exhibition wins at combining nature, fashion, art and photography, visiting it is stimulating. So if you are from Rome or if during this period you find yourself in the Eternal City, take advantage of this exhibition which will be here until June 12. The entrance is free and we are certain that you will not regret it!

 INACQUA - H2O. EXhibition at Terme di Diocleziano

Translation by F.P.