New Phase

A new phase of my life is starting and it happens to do so precisely in Milan.

For business reasons I moved to this town and never thought that one day I would be finding myself here, alone, living a new experience.

Although I’ve been here since Sunday, I toured the city on Tuesday, watching carefully to see what it had to offer. I couldn’t wait any longer to see the Duomo, the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Teatro alla Scala. And of course, I couldn’t miss Via Montenapoleone, the Fashion District.

New Experiences in MilanNew Experiences in MilanNew Experiences in Milan!


Let’s say that the tour was over abruptly the moment I found myself in front of the Rinascente, one of the first major department stores in Italy, which was born right here in Milan. There is a similar store in Rome, however this one caught my attention.

I do not know why I was so attracted to it, I’ve always visited the store in Rome and yet after walking around the various floors and clothing departments found in this one particularly, I was drawn by the lights of the department of perfumes and cosmetics.

New Experiences in Milan

During my store exploration, I had the chance and pleasure of meeting a make-up artist for the perfume J’adore by Dior, Luigi La Goia, who pampered me and whose expertise in his art gave my face a different and very flattering light.

New Experiences in Milan

Taking some time for myself did wonders. Since it is a period full of news and new life experiences, something that can be stressful to some of us, we must not forget to dedicate a moment for ourselves, maybe even 15 minutes a day, to go out for a walk and distract ourselves a bit.

The day then ended with two shopping bags full of cosmetic products. There is nothing more beautiful and pleasant than to go shopping and come back with cute packages. It’s true, I woke up that day with the intention of touring the city of Milan before starting work in a few days, but I somehow ended up getting to know Milan’s spendthrift and carefree side.

New Experiences in Milan!New Experiences in Milan! New Experiences in Milan! New Experiences in Milan!

If this is the welcome that this lovely city gives me…well thank you! 😉

Agnese – Desires in Style

Translation by F.P.