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The most beautiful gardens in the world

In the enchanted gardens of Ninfa

Not always open to the public, mostly to preserve its pristine environment that distinguishes it from others. Described by the New York Times as: “The most beautiful gardens in the world”. The Garden of Ninfa is an oasis of peace surrounded by greenery where magical creatures seem to live. They quietly watching its visitors from a majestic Japanese Maple tree or behind the bamboo canes.

In the enchanted gardens

Taking Advantage of a rare opportunity in which the enchanting garden opened to the public, we divided into the green scene noticing immediately how Queen Nature commands the entire place. She embraces everything in her path.

During the guided tour, we were entranced by the scene in front of us. We came across the ruins of old churches and houses, in which we learned that, at a time, were destroyed by the numerous lootings that Ninfa had to endure in the past.

The Garden of Ninfa is a truly magical place. One in which you cross a space-time portal transporting you away from reality and all that exists in this world, directly into a figment of your imagination or a parallel world.


Translation by F.P.

Photo by Desires In Style & Laura D.