“C’mon Barbie, let’s go party!”

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Marketed for the first time in 1959 by Mattel, Barbie, the fashion doll, has been successful enough to become not only the best-selling doll in the world, but a true legend.

Over the years she was the muse of films, songs, collectors and even artists (Andy Warhol’s Barbie-Portrait of Billy Boy, 1986). It is almost inevitable not to celebrate this legend with the exhibition: “Barbie. The Icon “, curated by Massimiliano Capella (which was found during March at the Museum of Cultures of Milan and now in Rome, at the Vittoriano Complex [“Complesso del Vittoriano”], from April 15th until October the 30th).

Game companion

Barbie … just mention her and immediately our minds go on a magical journey down memory lane. She  was our favorite game companion and most valuable possession. Specially when meeting our “girlfriends”, the perfect time to show off our entire collection. The longtime boyfriend Ken, members of the family, her friends and all the various models that we had acquired at the time.

Thanks also to the universe of gadgets sold along with her including clothing, houses, and cars, we were able to create an imaginary world where each doll had a life and a story with plots that would not put to shame the best comedy screenwriters of Hollywood! : D

And it is so, with the same childish euphoria we had every time we played with this magnificent doll, that we happily head to the Vittoriano Complex to celebrate this legend!

The legend of Barbie

“C’mon Barbie, let’s go party!”

The exhibition is divided into 5 sections and an introductory room named “Simply Barbie” that instantly transports us into her fantasy world.

Immediately after the introductory room you can find the part of the exhibit that every fashion lover can’t help but love: “From Teenage Fashion Model Doll to Fashionista. A fashionable doll”, this is the place where we can admire the different dresses created exclusively for her over the years !!! What a dream!

We continue the path encountering the “I Can Be. Barbie Careers “ section, which shows all the jobs Barbie has had over the years, afterwards we walk into the “Barbie Family” room, where you can find all the members of her family. In the “Barbie traveling. Dolls of the World “ area, each Barbie wears the traditional dress of her country, and finally, the exhibit ends with a section dedicated to beauty entitled “Divas Barbie”.

Barbie Fashionista

In addition, at the Milan exhibition, we can also find the “Barbie Fashionista” series which includes the new models of the year 2016: Curvy, Tall, Petite, showing not only the well known perfect physique Barbie model, but, just like in the real world, a Barbie with different body types, physical characteristics and skin tones.

At the end of the exhibition we were invaded by a mix of emotions. We felt a little excited yet nostalgic and even a bit envious of those young girls that can now, at home with their girlfriends,  say: “let’s play with Barbie ? !!!

 Translation by F.P.