“Trick or Treat

smell my feet

give me something

good to eat!”


HALLOWEEN: the perfect party!

Halloween night is coming and we are ready to give you some advice on how to plan the perfect party.

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Where to start?

The appropriate atmosphere

First we need to create the appropriate atmosphere !! Therefore Candles! Enough candles to place on both the buffet table and in different corners of the house! Bat or pumpkin  cutouts done using a black cardboard, scotch tape, ready to stick onto the shelves, lamps or some other desired place.

If we have enough time available before the party, we can even create cute handmade ghosts placed in such a way that they give the impression of floating around.

For the table we decisively  go with a dark tablecloth  with a  silver, white and glitter pebbles contrast (easy to find in ikea). We can also  serve the  meals/snacks in white or transparent trays and cake stands . To adorn the table, instead of stones, and very much in line with the evening, we can also  add fake cobwebs.

Food themed

Of course, the food should be themed and, for halloween, there are so many quick and easy ideas to put into practice; for appetizers, we can for example, serve mummy toast (made with tomato, sliced cheese and black olives), creepy sandwiches in the shape of a grave, and a nice pile of tasty bones made with ready to bake pizza dough!

We can also add to the buffet table,  chips and pumpkin orange colored pretzels in transparent bowls to add some more color to the table!

The mummies are so nice that they can also be among the protagonists of the sweets table. This time in a sweet version made  with  pavesini stuffed with jam and drowned in white chocolate! To keep them company what else but little chocolate spiders  and of course the well known witch fingers !!!!

And,  after that? …  the many fantastic, exquisite and colorful candies that we can overthrow into mummified jars, just to stay on topic 😉

Of course these are just a few ideas, that can be made for a Halloween party. There are plenty ideas out there, perfect to inspire your imagination.

And once everything is ready … we just have to put on our best costume, add some terrifying sounds and kick off our fearful Halloween party!

Translation by F.P.