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Week-end in Milan

A weekend with friends 

Finally, Milan! After almost a month and a half away from each other, it was finally time to spend some quality time just between the two of us.  While in Rome we rarely saw one another,but now with the distance forcing us to communicate via technology, it eventually becomes  an almost urgent need to spend time together. So here we are, in Milan’s Central Station ready to enjoy  a great weekend.

To recover, one from a stressful day at work and the other from an afternoon spent on the train, the first thing we do is head home to relax, while lying down on the sofa and chat as if we haven’t talked  for months.

The evening

After we’re done catching up on our most recent life events, we get ready to go to dinner at a nice restaurant in the center of Milan. Should we go with a casual look?  A dress? Curls or straight hair? On these occasions you never know what to decide, perhaps this is the reason why “friends” were created ?! The evening continues, and after dinner we go for drinks and  a ride at the Columns, in Porta Ticinese. A very quiet  first evening indeed 🙂

The day after

The next day, the alarm clock goes off at precisely  11 am and we’re ready for a ride to the shopping streets. Via Montenapoleone, Via della Spiga, in short, one of the most famous Fashion Districts in the world. We found ourselves spoilt for choices within  the designer stores of the caliber of Valentino, Armani and so on. A day dedicated to ourselves despite the fight between our wallets and our conscience. We could not miss an opportunity to visit  the Cathedral and the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. And to finish off our perfect day, what better than to end it with  Milanese style cocktails?

A weekend with friends

In short, even if it was just for a weekend, these are the times when you’re really yourself, when you can share any kind of experience with  that special someone, YOUR FRIEND.

Translation by F.P.