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We believe that the feeling you get when searching for the perfect cover for a smartphone or a tablet is equivalent to going shopping for clothes and shoes. Spending hours looking for the right  “dress” for your phone thinking “that case is too dark , “that other is too neon”, and “that one is too dull”. So, what do we do?..

We  turned to caseable in search of an answer to dress, one her smartphone, and the other her tablet.

caseable cases

There’s plenty of mesmeric cases to choose from, from portraits of Mark Ashkenazi to those of Minjae Lee. From the most complex and richly detailed illustrations of BioWorkZ  to the funny characters of David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim.

original cases

Handmade, rigid, soft, flip, or snap closure cases for all mobile phone models. You can even choose to upload photos or designs and have them printed onto a case for your very own custom look!

We were captivated by the creations of caseable’s artists. It is among those that we found the ideal designs for the iPhone 5  and iPad cases.

At last, the perfect “clothes” for our precious “life companions”!

From now on, sending a message, working on the blog, taking photos or  making a simple phone call will have that extra touch of glamour, all thanks to our new caseable casers.

Translation by F.P.