Elisa: “Agnese, are you taking a large suitcase or just a small trolley  for Helsinki?”

Agnese: “Eli, I don’t know,it should be chilly now in Finland, so a small trolley maybe isn’t enough!” 😀

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Ever since we won the competition of Liu Jo “Best ViceVersa”, we have done  nothing more than to plan what to take in our suitcases for our trip. “What do I bring?” “Is the long black coat or the green jacket better? “. These are critical questions for a girl 😀 …


Our adventure in Finland begins with nature welcoming us at the Vantaa airport. The airport  surrounded by a dense forest now mostly made up of autumnal colors:  green, yellow and an orange expanse. You can get enraptured even by a leaf falling to the ground, it’s just so perfect.

Visiting Helsinki

Helsinki isn’t famous for its warm climate, but despite getting blown away by gusts of wind, we visited the capital and enjoyed every one of its hidden corners. It’s easy to get around on foot, after two days we managed to find our way around the capital with ease. We found places of interest within Helsinki, but we must note that our hotel was also located in a strategic point. By being near the port and near the center of the city, we really had everything at our fingertips: the Uspenskin Cathedral, the Senate Square, the Helsinki Cathedral and the market with all the traditional craft products of Finland (Kauppatori).

If we were to rate  Helsinki, on its culture, history, monuments, churches, natural air you breathe and the colors the city offers we would give it an 8/10.

Are these enough reasons for you to visit Helsinki?

Translation by F.P.