After the alarm went off first at 4:45 am, then at 5, we eagerly got up to catch our ferry to Tallinn.

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We arrived at the beautiful city of Tallinn. If Helsinki stunned us for its parks,  monuments, the colors that surround the city and its cordial and serene atmosphere, Tallinn fascinated us with  its medieval style which predominates over the city. With cobblestone streets lined by colorful buildings with typical gabled roofs of northern countries. It seems as if time has stopped on the threshold of shops where characters with typical local robes invite you to come in, and although you know it’s just a ploy to attract as many tourists as possible, it can make you feel as part of their culture.

Visiting the city

Tallinn too is a very small city. From the port of Sadama, where we docked, it really takes 10 minute to walk to the historic center. The great monuments and history are concentrated in a few hundred meters.

The Town Hall Square, St. Nicholas’ Church, Alexander Nevski Cathedral and the front of the castle. We were able to reach them all in a short time and we remain astounded at how in a small town like Tallinn there is so much culture.

If we gave 8 to Helsinki, Tallinn really deserves a solid 9. Despite the gray sky, the walls and the roofs of houses color and brighten this city. When you walk down the street you feel part of history, you can imagine how the walls and towers that surround Tallinn, defended the city from enemy attacks. Our day in the Estonian capital  turned into a trip to the Middle Ages.

Translation by F.P.