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Gift ideas

Every year, the festive season comes in which we have to think up gift ideas for family and friends. Selecting the appropriate gift for your loved ones can prove tricky. Is an article of clothing,  a typical winter accessory, a book, or a spa package better?

Let’s face it, we always wait until  the last moment, when in malls  or  shopping streets it is  absolute chaos and you find yourself panicking among people as desperate as you looking for the perfect gift.

Original way to wrap gifts

We might think of the most classic gifts, for example,  a nice captivating novel wrapped in a creative manner. You can find plenty of  tutorials that may help you wrap gifts in a truly original way.

Original accessories

Otherwise, if we want to give a unique present to someone, here you will find other tutorials that can show you how to create small, useful, customizable accessories.  In this case, the person who will receive it will appreciate not only the gift itself but also the commitment of it being handmade.

If you have time, try to test yourself by creating a wonderful handcrafted Christmas present, because who knows, it might even turn out to be a very funny yet special gift! 😉

Translation by F.P.