Our top 5 of resolutions for this 2017


We do the same thing every year … we come up with our list of resolutions yet it somehow ends up being forgotten inside a drawer. Will this year be any different? We doubt it, but as they say “hope is the last to die.”

Here are our 5 resolutions for 2017:


Taking care of ourselves

Taking care of ourselves by adopting a healthier lifestyle includes: staying active and eating clean without falling in restrictive diets (because, let’s be honest, they don’t last long). Eating clean and in a balanced way by leaving some space for small amounts of gluttony perhaps during the weekends or on special occasions. Going to our appointments on foot (if not too far away from home of course) with a nice and quiet walk.

Do not take anything for granted

Enjoy every single moment

Try to always see the bright side even in the most difficult situations

Yes, these three good resolutions might seem implausible to achieve in our daily lives; but if we  at least try them, that might allow us to live  in a more serene and simple way.


Even if that means giving up something in favor of a nice trip! We will have to try and resist from buying pairs of fabulous shoes which we will  surely be attracted to as an enchanting siren song coming from shopping windows. In conclusion:  put something to the side to travel, travel, travel.

What do you think of our top 5? What are your New Year’s resolutions for 2017?

Translation by F.P.