The exhibition “The Artisans of Dreams” opened to the public from July 9th until  December 11th in Rome at the Fendi headquarters (Palace of Italian Civilization).

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The Fendi leather and fur workshop opened in 1926 in the center of Rome. To celebrate and honor the 90 year anniversary of one of the most renowned Italian fashion houses in the world, the exhibition, rich in its historical facts, was presented to the public. Of course we didn’t miss the opportunity to visit it!

The Story and the furry monsters

It begins by  watching  “Hands make beauty”, while sitting comfortably on a fur bench. The video tells the story of the brand from its very beginning. We then enter  the Labyrinth, a room in which the path is bordered by Fur Tablets and which leads us towards the Obsession room: where 300 furry monsters hanging from the ceiling seem to multiply themselves thanks to mirrors installed inside.

The techniques

At this point, we  access  an area where we find a craftsman who tells us and shows us the techniques used to make a fur coat. On the walls of this room, attached to the panels, we can see the drawings of various collections made by Karl Lagerfeld, while the floor’s design is inspired by the fur sketch “Astuccio”.

The iconic creations

In the area named Experience we are able to feel  the soft fur and later enter  the Essentials, a room where we find  the Baguette bags and Silvana Mangano capes, these being iconic creations, symbols of Fendi.

Legends and Fairy Tales

The fascinating story of the fashion house then ends projecting on a giant screen the spectacular show “Haute Fourrure” A / W 2016-17 entitled Legends and Fairy Tales, made by Fendi last July 7, which took place in front of the Trevi Fountain, it was a show where models magically walked on water (with the help of a transparent plexiglas walkway) transporting us into an enchanted world.

Translation by F.P.